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Introducing Louise Lacquer nail art powders and flakies!

Ice is a fine (35 micron) powder that creates a silver based rainbow effect on the nail.

.5g by weight.

There are many ways to utilize powders and flakies for nail art, but the following directions are a good place to start:
1) Prep and paint nails as you normally would. I find dark colors like black look great with powders and flakies. Use gel or regular polish, but if using regular polish, make sure it is fully dry before proceeding.
2) Paint nails with a gel no-wipe top coat.
3) Use a sponge, brush, or your finger to pick up a small amount of powder or flakie and buff onto the nail. A very small amount of product goes a very long way!
4) Seal with another layer of gel top coat, no-wipe or regular gel top coat.

Swatched by @nailsoflizmo and @naildesigns267

Image of Ice
Image of Ice
Image of Ice
Image of Ice