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Acetone Enhancement

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There is no substitute for acetone when it comes to effectively removing nail polish, but acetone leaves the nail bed and surrounding skin dried out and damaged. Enter Acetone Enhancement! This product is meant to enhance your acetone experience by removing that drying out side effect of acetone. In addition, the product includes nourishing oils that will leave your nails and skin looking even healthier and happier than they did before the nail polish removal!

Add the 15ml vial of product to 180-250ml of acetone and give it a little shake/stir. Your nails will now love you!

Available in unscented, Pumpkin Isn’t Basic, French Vanilla, Buttercream, Oatmeal Honey, and Love Spell.

Ingredients: glycerin, water, jojoba oil, vitamin E, grape seed oil, sweet almond oil, fragrance oil (only the scented option includes a fragrance oil)